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Demystifying Policy as Code Non Technical Guide Effective Governance

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Aaron Wilson5 min read

How Do I Urgently Harden Cloud Services?

Actions teams can take today to protect against potential cyberattacks
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Allison DiPietro4 min read

Cybersecurity Executive Order: a tl;dr

What the White House’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity means for software companies, and ...
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Eric Evans8 min read

Cloud-First API Security

APIs can be secured using AWS and GCP cloud native technologies and architectures.
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Eric Evans11 min read

A Guide to Securing Google Kubernetes Engine

This guide helps you secure Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).
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Steven Adegbenle4 min read

12 Days of Cloud Security Christmas

ScaleSec celebrates the holiday season with 12 gifts users should avoid giving their ...
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Eric Evans4 min read

TDD in Your Infrastructure Pipeline

Using TDD can be an effective way to move fast and not break security.
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Anthony DiMarco5 min read

Using WAF and CloudFront with Serverless Applications

The third installment of security best practices for serverless applications running on ...
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Eric Evans6 min read

Test Driven Development for Secure Infrastructure

Test Driven Development helps keep your infrastructure safe.
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Dustin Whited4 min read

PassRole Control

How the iam:PassRole permission can be restricted and monitored in AWS.
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John Porter7 min read

Why Your YubiKey Won’t Work With AWS CLI (and the fix)

Set up a YubiKey as two-factor authentication in AWS that will work with the Console, ...
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