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ScaleSec - Our Team

Our Team

When highly skilled cloud experts meet highly likable collaborators.

Our Values

Our people are certified cloud experts over and over again. We are intentional about always adding to our knowledge across cloud platforms, tooling, processes and best practices. Every week we set aside learning and training time. Whether it’s AWS, GCP, Azure, HashiCorp, Agile, cloud security, or any other knowledge domain, we encourage each other and work together to constantly learn and advance our skills.

Complementing their advanced knowledge and skills, the people of ScaleSec are good people. They are modest, thoughtful, and empathetic. Most importantly, they are tenacious when it comes to advising our clients. They do what they say. They do it right. And they do it until it is done.

You won’t work with our B or C teams, because we don’t have them.

Work fully remote

We are always looking for intelligent, driven, curious, and, most importantly, really good people to join us.