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AI Security and Governance

By ScaleSec


Empower your organization to confidently embrace generative AI's disruptive potential with AI adoption insights from ScaleSec.

Sustainable Strategies for Generative AI Adoption

Embracing generative AI adoption early and under the right circumstances can give your organization a competitive edge. Empower your organization to confidently and securely embrace generative AI's disruptive potential.

Keep Up with Evolving Technologies

Don’t let the risks deter you from pursuing AI-powered innovation. With the right governance and controls, you can mitigate the risks and leverage generative AI for a competitive edge. ScaleSec will analyze your products to identify unique AI opportunities, needs, and risks. ScaleSec will help you establish a risk management program that addresses AI-associated risks aligned to your business and values. ScaleSec can also collaborate with product development teams to securely integrate generative AI models into your products.


  • Analysis of Product Innovation Opportunities and Risks: Tailor AI governance practices to the characteristics and goals of your products and services. Develop data governance practices to ensure data quality, privacy, and security. Evaluate user consent practices for data collection and usage upon AI adoption. Establish an AI development lifecycle that includes ethical considerations at each stage, from data collection to deployment.
  • Organizational Risk Management: Analyze your organization’s risk management program and its coverage of AI-related risks. Create guidelines for AI adoption, including development, transparency, and engagement.
  • Engineering Collaboration: Define requirements for models, fine-tuning, and integration. Design cloud architectures to enable secure and private integration of generative AI services. Establish private and secure endpoints for model usage. Support integration into applications and deployments.
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AI Adoption Requires Mitigating Security Risks

ScaleSec can help you:

  • Identify AI Security Risks: This can include weaknesses in access controls, network security, or data protection mechanisms. By understanding these risks, you can take steps to mitigate them before they are exploited by attackers.
  • Improve Governance: By tightening your risk profile, you are helping to ensure that your cloud infrastructure can meet compliance requirements for AI adoption, like model development, deployment, monitoring, and ethical considerations.
  • Enhance Cloud Security: Cloud security is constantly evolving as new threats and vulnerabilities emerge. ScaleSec considers up-to-date cloud best practices and to enhance the overall risk posture of your cloud infrastructure before AI adoption.

Get Ready for AI Innovation with ScaleSec Experts

ScaleSec is a boutique cloud consulting agency deploying experts who are highly skilled in maximizing cloud security while still optimizing cloud spend, time to market, and overall scalability. We bring the right talents to bear wherever you are in your cloud journey — whether adopting, emerging, expanding, optimizing, or even resetting. 

ScaleSec approaches client engagements with equal emphasis on cloud, security, compliance, and code. All four disciplines are necessary for a successful cloud program.

  • Cloud: With the increasing pace of new features and services, we invest heavily and constantly in learning and relearning cloud technologies.
  • Security: Security is different in the cloud, from building apps to responding to incidents. Adding security after apps are built results in costly rework and development delays.
  • Compliance: Security and privacy regulations are evolving faster than ever. To avoid audit fumbles or fines, we develop modern, cloud-aware compliance programs.
  • Code: Production cloud apps should be deployed and managed as code for increased consistency, reproducibility, scalability, and cost savings.

Our cloud-aware security services for AI adoption are priced based on the scope of your request. Please contact the ScaleSec team directly for pricing details.


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Top-tier Support Services from AI Experts

ScaleSec is a small, specialized cloud consulting firm, and our clients prefer it that way. When you call, our leadership team answers. You will reach someone whose job it is to deliver engagements and ensure client satisfaction. Your AI adoption success is our success. 

We partner with several large platforms, including:

  • Amazon Partner Network
  • Google Cloud (Security Specialization)
  • Microsoft Azure

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