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About Us - ScaleSec

About Us

The quick read of who we are, what we do, and why we love doing it.

About Us

ScaleSec is a boutique cloud consulting agency deploying experts who are highly skilled in maximizing cloud security while still optimizing cloud spend, time to market, and overall scalability. We bring the right talents to bear wherever you are in your cloud journey — whether you are adopting, emerging, expanding, optimizing or even resetting. 

We’ll discover and help you resolve your knowledge, technology and process gaps. And we’ll deliver cloud-native solutions that are sustainable and measurable successes.

Our Why

We’re here to help other experts gain control of the cloud by taking on their big, critical, and messy projects.

Huge smarts are important. Big hearts are more important.

We don’t work with technology. We work with people and tech happens to be the language and the landscape of where we work. We like being really good at what we do. And we like being good people while we do it.
Who We Are - ScaleSec

The lowdown about ScaleSec:

Founded: 2015
Founders: Aaron Wilson and Marsha Wilson
Ownership: Private Corporation
Headquarters: San Diego, California
Locations: Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, Tampa, Orlando, Boston, and San Diego