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Cloud Ransomware Readiness Assessment

By ScaleSec


ScaleSec’s Cloud Ransomware Readiness Assessment service is a comprehensive evaluation of your cloud environment’s ability to prevent and recover from ransomware attacks.

Fortify Your Cloud Environment Against Threats

Our expert consultants meticulously analyze your system's security posture, identify risks, and provide a detailed roadmap with proactive measures to ensure robust cloud ransomware protection for your data and operations.

Improve Readiness for Ransomware Attacks

This focused assessment evaluates your organization’s readiness in preventing, detecting, and responding to ransomware attacks in the cloud. It dives deep into cloud-specific controls and their effectiveness against threats, identifying gaps in the cloud environment’s security posture and recommending solutions to improve cloud ransomware protection. The assessment can also help your organization ensure its data and applications comply with relevant regulations and standards.

Ransomware incidents continue to affect far too many organizations – shutting down school districts, disabling emergency communications, forcing hospitals to divert patients, and causing significant losses to businesses. About half of organizations pay the ransom. The average ransom in 2023 was $1.54MM, double the 2022 average of $812K. 

The Cloud Ransomware Readiness Assessment covers the following areas:

  • Identification: Mapping cloud infrastructure, data assets, and Internet-facing attack surface to prevalent ransomware threat scenarios.
  • Protection: Analyzing your architecture and security configuration of cloud services, encryption practices for sensitive data, and identity and access management (IAM) controls.
  • Detection: Evaluating the effectiveness of logging, monitoring, and anomaly detection tools for early identification of ransomware activity.
  • Recovery: Assessing data backup and restoration capabilities, disaster recovery testing procedures, and business continuity plans to ensure rapid and complete recovery from a ransomware attack.
Take Action

Ready-to-Implement Recommendations

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a report with detailed guidance to remediate issues, a tailored roadmap of prioritized findings with opinionated direction and effort estimates to resolve and mitigate findings. You can leverage these recommendations to enhance your organization’s overall cloud ransomware protection.

Minimize Risks with 
In-depth Insights

Your assessment report will allow your
organization to:

  • Identify Ransomware Security Vulnerabilities: This can include weaknesses in access controls, network security, or data protection mechanisms. By understanding these issues, you can take steps to mitigate them before they are exploited by attackers.
  • Improve Compliance: By implementing controls, you are also helping to ensure that your cloud infrastructure can meet compliance requirements, such as HIPAA or PCI DSS, reducing the risk of penalties, fines, or legal action.
  • Enhance Cloud Security: An assessment can help you stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and security measures to enhance your cloud ransomware protection.
  • Increase Business Resilience: By proactively addressing potential disruptions or threats, you can increase your organization’s resilience and ensure continued operations in the face of unexpected security incedents.

Partner with ScaleSec for Comprehensive Findings

ScaleSec is a boutique cloud consulting agency deploying experts who are highly skilled in maximizing cloud ransomware protection while still optimizing cloud spend, time to market, and overall scalability.

We bring the right talents to bear wherever you are in your cloud journey — whether adopting, emerging, expanding, optimizing, or even resetting.

ScaleSec approaches client engagements with equal emphasis on cloud, security, compliance, and code. All four disciplines are necessary for a successful cloud program.

  • Cloud: With the increasing pace of new features and services, we invest heavily and constantly in learning and relearning cloud technologies.
  • Security: Security is different in the cloud, from building apps to responding to incidents. Adding security after apps are built results in costly rework and development delays.
  • Compliance: Security and privacy regulations are evolving faster than ever. To avoid audit fumbles or fines, we develop modern, cloud-aware compliance programs.
  • Code: Production cloud apps should be deployed and managed as code for increased consistency, reproducibility, scalability, and cost savings.

Let’s Talk Scope

Our cloud ransomware protection and assessment services are priced based on the scope of your request. Please contact the ScaleSec team directly for pricing details.

Expand Your Knowledge to 
Prevent Ransomware Risks

Second-to-none Support for Your Organization

ScaleSec is a specialized cloud consulting firm, and our clients prefer it that way. When you call us, our leadership team answers. You will reach someone whose job it is to deliver engagements and ensure client satisfaction. Your success is our success. 

We partner with several large platforms, including:

  • Amazon Web Services (Advanced Tier; Security Competency)
  • Google Cloud (Security Specialization)
  • Microsoft Azure

Get in Touch to Enhance Your Cloud Ransomware Protection

Ready to strengthen your organization’s cloud ransomware protection? Schedule a time to chat with our experts or email us to get started.