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Cloud Partner: Azure

Azure modernization, migration and adoption share one common element - needing cloud security expertise.

Your Azure Journey

At any stage of your cloud journey, ScaleSec brings a spirit of curiosity, passion, and extensive technical and strategic expertise to every Azure project. Here's why we're different.

Infrastructure Solutions Partner

Azure & ScaleSec

Microsoft invests billons to protect Azure’s infrastructure, yet security and compliance is still a shared responsibility between the provider and its customers. A secure infrastructure is still only a fraction of what is needed to attain rigorous software, industry, and governmental standards. For organizations that lack the time, expertise, or resources to undertake cloud adoption, migration or modernization, it’s paramount that they partner with a consultancy in the mold of ScaleSec. They require the help of an established team of cloud experts with deep, hands-on experience tackling complex, secure, business-critical cloud initiatives.

Scalesec is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with Infrastructure and Azure specializations


ScaleSec’s consultants had more than a front row seat at the advent of the cloud. Many of them were working or advising the emerging platforms and early enterprise cloud adopters. They helped to create and continue to shape accepted best practices as more businesses and workloads continue shifting to a cloud-native state. Their empathetic, thoughtful, meticulous approach is what is required for most any Azure project. It is what many enterprises already rely upon.

Azure Blog Series

Modernizing Your Cloud Security Posture: Curated ScaleSec Articles

These articles, authored by our in-house consulting experts, delve into the highly technical aspects of cloud-native security and also answer some of the big questions.

Alexandria Leary7 min read

Compliance vs Security: Are They the Same?

Compliance and security are not the same thing. In our latest blog, we discuss the intersection between the two, and why the ...
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Alexandria Leary5 min read

Demystifying Policy as Code: A Non-Technical Guide to Effective Governance

Learn how policy as code can enhance governance by enforcing rules and requirements from the start of the software development ...
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ScaleSec6 min read

What Is a Cloud Security Assessment & Why Do I Need One?

A cloud security assessment can increase your confidence in your security controls. Learn more about what it is and what it ...
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ScaleSec8 min read

What Is Cloud Security?

The success of your cloud adoption and delivery depends on your commitment to cloud security. Learn the basics of what cloud ...
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Justin Travis8 min read

Digital Transformation Security

Unlock the power of digital transformation while keeping your data secure.
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Steven Smiley4 min read

6 Keys to Securing User Uploads to Amazon S3

Architecting AWS applications to securely enable user uploaded content, using pre-signed post URLs.
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Aaron Rea2 min read

GCP Cloud Next 22

Some security focused highlights from Google’s Cloud Next ‘22 announcements
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Steven Smiley5 min read

Highlights from AWS re:Inforce 2022

Highlights from AWS security conference, 2022.
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Dennis Chow7 min read

Implementing Secure Code in the Cloud

Learn how to implement security in the cloud at the application layer.
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John Porter5 min read

The Fastest and Easiest Way to AWS Security

A quick read on the fastest and easiest methods to secure AWS.
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Justin Travis7 min read

Security Protection Using NIST CSF

Set up your organization up for success with NIST CSF.
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Eric Evans4 min read

TDD in Your Infrastructure Pipeline

Using TDD can be an effective way to move fast and not break security.
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