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ScaleSecApr 15, 2024 12:46:41 PM1 min read

Google Cloud Next ‘24 Security Synopsis

We loved seeing the numerous security-related announcements around Google Cloud products at Next ‘24 last week. Most of these updates focused on integrating existing products with Gemini AI or Mandiant threat intelligence. We have summarized these significant announcements below for you:

  • Gemini AI is now integrated across Security Operations, Threat Intelligence, and Security Command Center.
    • This new functionality allows teams to more quickly search for threats using natural language, and get results more quickly, permitting quicker response and issue mitigation.
  • Google Cloud Security Command Center has added a new Enterprise tier with many more features from the Premium tier, including CNAPP and SOAR functionality.
  • New capabilities like Privileged Access Manager and Principal Access Boundary improve identity and access management by allowing time-bound and approval-based access and enforcing resource-specific access boundaries.
    • Using time-bound, approval-based access elevations will reduce overly permissive access, is a best practice, and will help limit the impact of cloud breaches.
  • Secure computing has advanced with new confidential VM options and sensitive data protection in Cloud SQL.
  • Regulated Cloud now features Regional Controls that enforce data residency for customer content at rest, offers administrative access transparency, as well as compliant service restriction and monitoring.
    • Regional controls are available at no additional cost!
  • Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) now offers a highly secure, air-gapped solution, developed with a security-first approach and leveraging zero trust principles and federal security standards.
    • This will enable US Government teams to leverage this platform just as commercial teams do, democratizing cloud and allowing for secret and top secret efforts to work as efficiently and effectively as commercial entities. 
  • Chrome Enterprise Premium has enhanced browser security with new features like Zero Trust access controls and threat data protection.
  • Google Workspace AI Security add-on lets IT teams automatically identify, classify and protect sensitive files company-wide in Google Drive. 
    • Many teams struggle to manage their file sharing, and this new functionality enables continuous evaluation, classification and protection of existing and new files in Drive. Remove sharing when it's served its purpose. 
We hope this quick snapshot inspires you to enable these new features as appropriate to your environment, to the benefit (and peace of mind) for your security efforts.
The information presented in this article is accurate as of 4/15/24. Follow the ScaleSec blog for new articles and updates.