ScaleSec announces: Modernizing Security, an AWS series

ScaleSec announces: Modernizing Security, an AWS series

ScaleSec announces: Modernizing Security, an AWS series

ScaleSec announces: Modernizing Security, an AWS series

ScaleSec, an AWS APN Consulting Partner, is pleased to announce our Modernizing Security: AWS Series.

The blog series will focus on two objectives that add business value: Tying business drivers to your AWS engineering work and providing specific things your engineers can do in order to make your AWS environment more secure.

Each article of the series will be tied to a business driver, intended to have a measurable positive impact on your business and its ability to operate effectively. For example: increasing the availability of your business to receive orders by making your uptime 2% higher.

Every article will also feature something your engineers can do internally to make your environment more secure, like how to most effectively configure Identity and Access Management (IAM) inside your AWS environment to increase separation of duties and reduce risk.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the coming weeks include:

These articles, a marriage of business drivers and engineering how-tos, will help to make your business more secure in the cloud. Additionally, it will connect that increased security to something you are trying to accomplish to reduce risk, optimize cost, or increase profit. This will provide you with some help in having both happy security engineers and happy executives.

New articles for Modernizing Security: AWS Series can be found on our website and on Medium every Tuesday. ScaleSec Operatives parachute into some of the most well known companies in the world, smudging business and engineering for your benefit.

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Security Best Practices for Serverless Applications on AWS

First in our Modernizing Security: AWS Series of posts that cover best practices for securing Serverless applications on AWS (Part 1)

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