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ScaleSec Project Lockdown

Scalesec Project Lockdown

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  • Jason Dyke
  • Ilan Ponimansky


Project Lockdown is a collection of serverless event-driven auto remediation Cloud Functions designed to react to unsecure resource creations or configurations. Project Lockdown is meant to be deployed in a GCP environment and has the capabilities to monitor and remediate across your entire Organization hierarchy in a matter of seconds.
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Announcing Project Lockdown

Project Lockdown is an open-source security tool equipped with automated remediation Cloud Functions that respond promptly to high-risk events in your GCP environment. Stay ahead of threats with this ever-evolving solution, ensuring robust protection for your infrastructure. Discover key features that make Project Lockdown essential for your GCP security in this article. Strengthen your defenses and experience enhanced peace of mind with Project Lockdown!

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