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Open Source Projects

Explore ScaleSec's Open Source Initiatives

ScaleSec Open Source Project: Vault Assistant
More about this Project
ScaleSec Vault AssistantSimplifying HashiCorp Vault installation and management.More about this Project
ScaleSec Open Source Project: Secret Store
ScaleSec Secret StoreBuilding custom plugins made easy.
ScaleSec Open Source Project GCP Workload Identity Federation
ScaleSec GCP Workload Identity FederationAccess GCP from AWS without static credentials.
ScaleSec Open Source Project: GCP Unused Service Account Lister
ScaleSec GCP Unused Service Account ListerEasily identify idle Service Accounts.
ScaleSec Open Source: Project Lockdown
ScaleSec Project LockdownAuto remediation for secure GCP environments.
ScaleSec Open Source Project: GCP Organization Policy Bot
ScaleSec GCP Organization Policy Bot100% Serverless policy updates to Slack & Twitter.
ScaleSec Open Source Project: GCP API Key Lister
ScaleSec Vault AssistantInventory and export Keys effortlessly.
ScaleSec open Source Project: GCP Event Threat Detection Remediator
ScaleSec GCP Event Threat Detection RemediatorAutomate threat remediations.
ScaleSec Open Source Project: Terraform AWS Service Control Policy Suite
ScaleSec Terraform AWS Service Control Policy SuitePolicies for AWS Organizations.