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Marsha Wilson on Cloud Out Loud Podcast - Ep 20

Marsha Wilson on Cloud Out Loud Podcast - Ep 20

Published: November 2, 2022
Marsha Wilson

How You Should Manage Security in the Enterprise Podcast

Today we continue with Part 2 in our conversation with Marsha Wilson, CEO of ScaleSec. While the first episode covered Marsha’s advice to startups on how to create a foundation of security, this episode delves into how to deal with security issues a few years down the line if you didn’t follow Marsha’s advice in the beginning. A lot of the recommendations included in this podcast aren’t specifically directed only to those in software or hardware startups, but apply across the board as security affects all users of technology in a business. Tuning in you’ll hear how to make sure that security is inherent to your business, how to convince an organization that certain secunty barriers are worth the inconvenience to your developers, and how you can reduce risk, increase profit, and reduce costs by spending money on security. We discuss the ‘Cloud and Web Security Challenges in 2022’ report and the hot topic of data loss prevention and compromise through third-party vendors. Marsha also shares her advice to any organization that has already been breached. Tune in to hear more about the true value of your data and why your entire organization needs to understand this and be responsible for its security.

Listen to the full episode here.

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Marsha Wilson, CEO ScaleSec

About ScaleSec

Security remains the top concern as the cloud grows in popularity. ScaleSec was founded to address this concern, guiding customers through stringent compliance requirements using the cloud securely through strategic advisory services, implementation assistance, and ongoing education. Our customers rely on us to work side-by-side with their teams to demonstrate cloud security, scale their operations, and decrease risk.

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