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Marsha Wilson on Cloud Out Loud Podcast - Ep 20

Marsha Wilson on Cloud Out Loud Podcast - Ep 19

Published: November 2, 2022
Marsha Wilson

How You Should Manage Security in the Enterprise Podcast

If you’re starting up a business in this day and age, cloud security should be your first priority from day one. Having basic security systems in place from the get-go can only have long-term benefits. Joining us today to talk about the importance of good security hygiene in the early stages of starting a business is Marsha Wilson, the CEO of ScaleSec. ScaleSec is a compatriot of long standing in the cloud wars and with her expertise in both security and business, Marsha has much great insight to impart. In this episode, Marsha fills us in on the most common ways in which data is breached in small businesses and breaks down the fundamental steps of cloud security. Tune in to find out how breaches happen, how to prevent them, and where to learn more about all things cloud security-related.

Listen to the full episode here.

Connect with Marsha on LinkedIn or you can contact her here.

Marsha Wilson - CEO, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Marsha Wilson, CEO ScaleSec

About ScaleSec

Security remains the top concern as the cloud grows in popularity. ScaleSec was founded to address this concern, guiding customers through stringent compliance requirements using the cloud securely through strategic advisory services, implementation assistance, and ongoing education. Our customers rely on us to work side-by-side with their teams to demonstrate cloud security, scale their operations, and decrease risk.

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