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WTH is CSPM and why should I care?

WTH is CSPM and Why Should I Care?

September 13, 2022
Boston, MA

Sarah Gori at ChefConf on Cloud Security Posture Management

Join Sarah Gori, Consulting Director at ScaleSec, on September 13th (2:30 PM - 3:15 PM EDT) at ChefConf — as she discusses “WTH is CSPM and Why Should I care?” With Kiah Tolliver, Developer Advocate at Chef, and Konrad Schieban Infrastructure Cloud Consultant at Google.

Cloud security data breaches are commonplace today, with most breaches involving a misconfiguration of an error or a result of a cloud misconfiguration. Misconfigurations are generally created in the initial setup or during the lifetime of a cloud deployment. With more organizations moving their legacy workloads to the cloud, it becomes more important than ever to have security compliance management and automated remediation in your cloud infrastructure.

WTH is CSPM and Why Should I Care?

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