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ScaleSec Consulting Services

One-time accelerator projects and long-term expert support that reduce cost, risk, time to market, and finger-pointing.

Our Cloud Consulting Offerings are grouped into three broad categories to help you overcome a multitude of challenges during your cloud journey.

Cloud Security and Compliance Services

Develop programs to meet the high standards of regulators, industries, and your demanding customers.

Reach new markets, new customers, new geographies, overcome customer concern, and sell more products. We can help you accomplish all of these by designing cloud-ready security programs and demonstrating the completeness and rigor of that program.

ScaleSec Cloud Security and Compliance Services

Cloud Adoption and Modernization Services

It’s more than transforming your tech. You need to transform your teams to reset your stalling cloud initiatives.

Different teams doing different things for different outcomes guarantees failure. ScaleSec experts will help you organize, train, and enable your teams to collaborate as one unified powerhouse. We help them establish a common and shared understanding of how to build in the cloud via a well-defined and thoroughly detailed program to ensure success.

ScaleSec Cloud Adoption and Modernization Services

Cloud Capabilities and Engineering Services

When your experts need experienced experts to lead the way as you build or strengthen your cloud capabilities.

Whether you are building new capabilities or retrofitting existing functions for the cloud, ScaleSec will help you develop key programs like cost management, identity management, and logging and monitoring. We’ll staff the project based on your expertise and resource gaps to ensure your people have a successful collaborative and learning experience.

ScaleSec Cloud Capabilities and Engineering Services

Custom Cloud Consulting Services

Call them custom or bespoke engagements, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. And it’s perfectly normal and we’re here to help you, however we can.