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Build Guardrails, not Roadblocks

With the advent of public cloud and the rise of automation, the cybersecurity industry is undergoing a substantial transformation. Complicated, manual, gated approval workflows are being replaced with streamlined, scalable controls that continuously protect your sensitive data and validate the secure configuration of your virtual resources.

At ScaleSec™, we help enterprise customers build modern, secure-by-default cloud deployments that focus on minimizing friction for end users and DevOps teams. The results are preventative, repeatable security control implementations that anticipate problems before they occur, with a security-as-code approach that allows you to "fix once; solve everywhere", and clear audits with minimal disruption to your daily business.

Let us show you why a growing number of experts agree that running in the cloud can be safer than in your own data center.

Security Training & Architecture Workshops

Get up to speed quickly, learning how to use AWS security controls and best security practices effectively with workshops customized for your environment and workloads.
New! Getting Started with FedRAMP on AWS.

Enterprise Cloud Security Strategy

Prepare for multi-account, multi-owner environments. Incorporate security principles like separation of duties. Build in a reasonable blast radius and recovery strategy. Let ScaleSec help you define your plan and move to the cloud securely.

AWS Account Structure & Governance

Govern tens, hundreds, or even thousands of AWS accounts smoothly and consistently through proper planning and effective use of the AWS APIs. We'll cover everything from proper AWS account creation to ongoing multi-account management.

Security Engineering & Automation

Let ScaleSec help your teams automate and templatize your infrastructure installation and management to reduce ongoing work and configuration drift while facilitating easier testing and disaster recovery scenarios.

Cloud Compliance

Building compliant, cloud-native workloads is not straightforward. ScaleSec designs, builds, and documents modern solutions for FedRAMP, HIPAA, SOC2, ISO, and PCI. Our team has the experience to help your team work smarter, not harder.

3rd Party Security Solutions

Supplement cloud security controls by incorporating intrusion detection, web application firewalls, file integrity monitoring, threat intelligence, and more into your AWS environment. ScaleSec has direct experience with enterprise security solution providers.

Security Integration

You have invested in your third party security information and event management (SIEM) platform, your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems, and more. Increase your visibility and context, and improve your security posture by integrating cloud telemetry.

Cloud Security Migration

Do your teams have critical projects already in flight? Avoid costly mistakes by adding ScaleSec to your team to help ensure a smooth migration to the cloud by keeping focus on proper configuration of appropriate AWS security features and services.

About ScaleSec

ScaleSec helps your company create or enhance your cloud security capabilities by diving deep, offering hands-on services.
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