Marsha Wilson on Cloud Out Loud Podcast - Ep 21

Encouraging Women in Tech and InfoSec Specifically Podcast

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Marsha Wilson on Cloud Out Loud Podcast - Episode 21

Marsha Wilson on Cloud Out Loud Podcast - Episode 19

Welcome back to another episode of Cloud Out Loud! Today we are joined, once again, by Marsha Wilson to discuss the presence of women in IT, cloud security, and InfoSec. Marsha is the CEO of ScaleSec and has had a fascinating career that spans the military and the private sector. Tuning in you’ll hear Marsha’s thoughts on how the field has evolved since she first started out, along with the changes she’d like to see going forward. We discuss the importance of soft skills when it comes to a career in cloud security and what can be done to encourage more women to pursue cloud security as a career. Marsha wraps things up by sharing her advice on how companies can support women in the field of cloud security and InfoSec, like sponsoring women in meetups and conferences, offering to speak at colleges, and making yourself available as a person women can reach out to for mentorship.

Connect with Marsha on LinkedIn or you can contact her here.

Marsha Wilson, CEO ScaleSec

Marsha Wilson, CEO ScaleSec

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