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WillCo Tech expands product line with compliance emphasis

WillCo Tech Expands Product Line with Compliance Emphasis

Key Customer Facts

WillCo Tech
- Location: Akron, OH
- Size: 7 employees
- Industry: CyberSecurity Software
- Use case: Compliance software for commercial and DoD
- Website:
WillCo Tech expands product line with compliance emphasis

Project Challenges

  • WillCo Tech continues to expand its suite of software used to manage a cybersecurity workforce. Managing the human related aspects of compliance is a growing challenge in the industry. Effective and secure onboarding and offboarding, tracking of certifications, and training are integral ingredients to maintaining compliance for government and commercial enterprises. WillCo Tech sought to map out these controls and to use them in their future releases of software.

WillcoTech provides software for commercial and defense customers that allows for effective people management in the cybersecurity industry. Their software automates the monitoring, management, and alerting for cybersecurity certifications for workforces, compliance with NIST 800-53 controls, and more.


WillCo Tech enlisted ScaleSec’s in-depth experience with the implementation of multiple competing controls frameworks inside one shop. ScaleSec successfully managed a set of NIST 800-53 controls, SOC2 controls, and ISO 27001 controls simultaneously, with one cohesive control set to avoid duplication of work.

Services provided

First, the ScaleSec team deconstructed all the requirements for WillCo Tech’s proposed software, which included frameworks like HIPAA and ISO 27001.

Next, the team performed a detailed analysis of those individual control frameworks, allowing WillCo Tech to use one single set of controls to meet multiple frameworks.

ScaleSec then organized sprints for the development teams, positioning them to iteratively produce minimum viable products. This allowed WillCo to deliver software to the customers who needed it, while also providing a backlog for future sprints.

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